It is our home, our place of birth, Place for you to enjoy your holiday, interact with locals and your place for adventures. Zanzibar Islands known too as Spices islands. Is a tropical islands some refers as paradise on Earth is located in the Indian Ocean, in the East of African continent most popular holiday destinations. LOCATED JUST “SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR OF EAST AFRICAN COASTS IS THE ARCHIPELAGO OF ZANZIBAR” (NET GEO WILD: 2015). Zanzibar includes two main islands Unguja and Pemba. This archipelago is enclosed with many small islands some are used as human inhabitants but some are used as marine conservation sites. Zanzibar Islands offers a historical consideration from it ancient town, awesome people and interesting adventures from Snorkelling, Diving,Deep see fishing, to beautiful long white sands beaches for relaxation. Unguja and Pemba offers unique atmospheres of peoples ‘culture who will welcome you to their destinations and we are promised you that you will constantly remember them with excellent experiences!
Unguja Island is located next to historical city of Dar as salaam in Tanzania, so it gives you an easy connection to Uganda and Tanzania most superb wildlife destinations from Serengetingeti to Selous world largest game reserve to the Climbing Top of Africa Mountain Kilimanjaro Africa’s most prominent hard adventure of life time. Pemba Island is located next to Kenya, Mombasa and Nairobi, it offers an opportunity for you to include from Zanzibar beach to wildlife safaris of the renowned Masai Mara national reserve to Amboseli and Lake Nakuru National Park.
Zanzibar both Unguja and Pemba with it long history of ancient town, from stone town, Kimkazi, Unguja Ukuu town to Chake chake earliest town, connect historical destinations in Kenya likes Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu town also Kilwa , Bagamoyo, Tanga and Dar salaam ancient towns in Tanzania. It is because of these unique rich culture, best beaches and marine life that motivate us to set this company of Snorkelling Zanzibar in order to share our theoretical and experiential knowledge of travel, tourism, hospitality and events to these incredible East Africa tourist destinations.